Game Review: Highway Kings Pro—45 Free Spins And X5 Win Multiplier

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Simply put, Highway Kings Pro is just a 9-reel slot, which shares forty-five (45) free spins, and a X5 win multiplier.

A big surprise

In slots, those that have more paylines are believed to generate more wins since many combinations can be formed. Thus, Highway Kings Pro may not really catch one’s attention.


But much to the surprise of many, although it does not contain as many paylines as that of other slot machines, it is one of the most generous when it comes to giving free spins. As mentioned, a member can get 45 free spins in one sitting and not only that, all their winnings are multiplied by 5.

How to get the freebies

To get the free spins, the player must enter the Truck Racing bonus round. This is triggered when the bonus symbols appear on the 1st and 5th reels. The good thing about the free spins is that they can be re-triggered as long as the bonus symbols show up on the reels.

Availing the multiplier

As for the multiplier’s case, this too can be availed in the said bonus round. Players must choose a truck to participate in the race. If their chosen truck wins, they get the multiplier. Five (5) is the highest number of multiplier that a member gets while the lowest is two (2).

Highway Kings Pro is one of 12BET Casino’s forty-six (46) new and lucrative games and it proves that while its paylines are a bit limited, it can still, deliver big wins.

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