Fruitmania – Up To 5,000X Worth Of Prizes—5,000 More Reasons To Spin

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With prizes that can go to as high as 5,000X your original bet, you more than 5,000 reasons to play FruitMania. 

This 5-reel online slots game also features a progressive jackpot, which continues to grow bigger everyday. Hit the winning combination and see your casino account burst with incredible payout. 


FruitMania gives you more reasons to spin and win!

A fruity cocktail

The cocktail glass serves as the game’s scatter. To see 3 of them appear on the screen simultaneously, means you are up to get a rewarding cash prize. How big is it? Simply multiply the scatter payout to your total bet. Thus, the bigger your bets are, the bigger rewards you get. 

Progressive jackpot

Expert skills or elite betting systems are no longer needed to win the progressive jackpot. The appearance of 5 cherries on the payline means you nailed the most sought after money pool. 

The cashback!

FruitMania’s winning atmosphere does not end after you logged out from the casino client—well not from the best online casino in Malaysia, 12BET Casino. 

The good time continues until weekend where you will be receiving a 0.6% slots cashback. You do not need to worry about your wins or losses for it does not have an effect on what your weekly reward. The latter’s only requirement is you play. 

Triple treat

Other than the cashback, you also get the chance to qualify for 12BET Casino’s Triple 12 Promotion. One word to describe this promo –HUGE. You can click here to know how you can participate. 

What are you waiting for? Start spinning today!

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