How to Fire a Cannon of Cash in “Engagement”

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Ancient and medieval wars are a great source of inspiration for poetry, epic tales, and even films. But their value encompasses spectra that are way beyond that. At the 12Ruby Club, these “dark ages” are revived in a very novel, rewarding, and non-lethal way. “Engagement,” an online slot game, is one of those casino games that use thematic backdrops as graphical representations of a certain motif. In the game’s case, that motif is War. Here, players can obtain explosive jackpots—peaking at a value that is 10,000 times larger than the initial wager.




This game is a 25-line-5-reel slot game that features legendary war icons as symbols, expertly designed to create an environment that features fortifications, war chariots, artilleries, chancellors, and soldiers. It is also fully charged with battle horses, cannons, and swords to completely mimic a scene of thrilling encounters between packs of brave combatants. This game was specifically designed for players who love action-packed themes.

In addition to the basic symbols, a few other equally rewarding icons are featured in this game. The most important are:

Castle – When this icon appears on reels 1 and 5, it triggers the bonus game. In this round, players have to select three types of weapon to attack the castle. Each type of weapon has a corresponding multiplier or bonus.

Emperor and Assassin – when these symbols appear on the same payline, they could trigger a side game aptly called the ‘Assassination Action.’ It asks players to predict the result of an assassination attempt. If they predict correctly, they win. Only one side game is allowed per spin.

Token – This acts as ‘substitute’ for all symbols except for the scatter and free spins. Five appearances in the reel could produce a payout that is 10,000X the players’ bet

Spy – When several Spy icons appear in the reels, players are given the option to choose one of them. Each contains a bonus multiplier.


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