Fantastic Four 50 Lines Released— 27 Free Spins And Winning Symbols At Stake

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Fantastic Four 50 lines joins the bandwagon of Marvel-inspired casino games that seem to continue their unfinished stories in a gaming platform. 

The release of the 50-line slot machine is neither the last not the first appearance of the Fantastic Four. It was initially marketed as a 20-line slots and later on, as a scratch card. Therefore, the creation of the 50-line version is far from being an accident. Rather, it is something expected. It readily reflects the game’s attempt to bring better and bolder experience to online casino players. Some of them are actually self-confessed fans of the comic series, the film and now, the casino game.


Features to watch out for

The 50-line version of Fantastic four barely differs from its 20-line predecessor. Still, the main goal is to secure winning combinations to win and get bonuses.

Speaking of bonuses and freebies, this game shares up to twenty-seven (27) free spins, which players can utilize.

Other than that, the free spins are matched with four (4) Fantastic Four Symbols, equipped with special abilities to generate profitable wins. These are the following:

  1. The Invisible Woman –  Shares a win multiplier
  2. The Human Torch – Spreads into the reels when triggered
  3. Mr. Fantastic – Transforms into a n expanding wild
  4. The Thing- Transforms into a freezing wild 

Fantastic Four-themed games might soon become an important staple of online slot gaming. It might look a bit repetitive and trivial. Yet, instead of focusing on what is repetitive and trivial, one should not forget the improvements and innovations that go along whenever a new version of a certain game comes to place.

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