Everybody’s Jackpot Guarantee Higher Winning Possibilities To Players

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Better and higher winning possibilities await progressive game lovers as 12BET Casino features Everybody’s Jackpot. Powered by Playtech, this game ensures that multiple players shall have  a share of the most sought-after pool prize.

Everybody's Jackpot 12BET Casino


Progressive jackpots

In progressive jackpots, there is a money pool where players from participating casinos contribute. These casinos form a wide network since they are using the same software. For every game played, the prize value increases as well. It is because a portion of the players’ wager go to the pool prize.


In the event where the jackpot is hit, the pool prize is reset. Oftentimes, the prize will go to a single player. But as for Everybody’s Jackpot, it is a bit different.


What makes Everybody’s Jackpot special?

Everybody’s Jackpot’s special characteristic is already stated in the name of the game. When the jackpot is hit, the winner is not limited to one. Qualified players may also get a share of the money pool.


How to be a qualified player?

The game has a mystery progressive jackpot feature and to qualify for the pool prize, you should have wagered at least €50 within the last 24 hours. As you play, you will see your progress in the screen. You will be able to know the remaining amount that you need to wager in order to qualify.


Now in case another player nailed the jackpot and you already logged out from the casino client, you do not have to worry for you will still get your share provided that you are already qualified.


Other special features

You must watch out two (2) important symbols in Everybody’s Jackpot. First is the wild logo, which occupies the central reel. Take note, however, that this appears only during free spins.


Other than the wild logo, you must also watch out for the scatter symbol. If it appears thrice or more, you will get twelve (12) free spins.


Likewise, there is no room for boredom in this place. Using high-definition and 3D graphics, it gives an authentic feel of joining a game show.


Evidently, Everybody’s Jackpot gives a new face to progressive games. Aside from the fun and excitement, it fulfills the promise embedded in its name—true enough, everybody is a winner in this game.


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