Dragon Slot: The Grand Quest towards Empowering Your Bankroll

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With a mystical façade capping its story, Dragon Slot is a fun way to experience online casino gaming. The eight-line-nine-reel slot game is flooded by a rich imagery of monsters, warriors, goblins, evils, treasure chests, weapons, and of course, dragons which make the gaming atmosphere resemble an epic journey. This game is also monstrous in terms of payouts; players can earn up to 1000 times their wager!


Dragon Slot


This epic game highlights a hunt for a treasure hidden in a mysterious cave where a dragon family is also held hostage by a troupe of evil monsters. The main characters are humans Lionel and Evelyn as well as dragons Fenadara and Ronudil. The rest of the “cast” is comprised of Bariln, Otis, Wow Wow, Goblin-Kaz, and Goblin-Dukg. In the paytable, these characters’ winning values are as follows:

  • Lionel – three appearances for 3000X
  • Evelyn – three appearances for 250X
  • Fenadara – three appearances for 800X
  • Ronudil – three appearances for 500X
  • Bariln – three appearances for 60X
  • Otis – three appearances for 50X
  • Wow Wow – three appearances for 100X
  • Goblin-Kaz – three appearances for 10X
  • Goblin-Dukg – three appearances for 20X


Apart from the main game, this slot also features a bonus round where players’ wager can be increased multiple times. This round is the game’s adventure epicenter, where Lionel and the rest of the gang are tasked to rescue the dragon family. For this bonus to be triggered, three “Treasure Boxes” must appear on the reels. After which, Lionel and his friends should enter one cave portal where “Swords and Shields” are found. By obtaining nine of these weapons, players can earn up to 1000X their wager!


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