Daring Dave Features A 75X Win Multiplier

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Nowadays, punters do not have to travel deep into the pyramids of Egypt for gold. Thanks to online casinos, treasure hunting becomes a lot easier.

Dare to win bigger!

Dare to win bigger!

One of the most profitable casino games, which players can take advantage of is Daring Dave.

This 5-reel, 20 line online slots features 3 bonus episodes, which turn small bets into big wins.

For the first episode, punters will have to play the “finders-keepers” role. They have to locate the Eye of Ra stones to decode the pharaoh’s code and move to the next episodes. Only 3 attempts shall be given to the player. But this should not worry them since every Eye Of Ra Stone that they collect has a corresponding prize.


Moving forward to the next episode, the player will be facing an ancient wheel, which contains 3 Eye of Ra symbols. Once all the 3 symbols are lit, the player shall move on to the final episode.


For the final episode, the player’s main goal is to reach the Eye of Ra. To do this, he must pick the right pedestal to reach the relic.


Once the player finishes the 3 episodes, his winnings are immediately multiplied by 75. With prizes that big, Daring Dave enters the list of profitable online slot games. But not only that, Daring Dave makes slot gaming not only profitable, but also dynamic and interactive.

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