Classic Reel Tres Amigos Multiply Prizes By 2,500

Classic Reel Tres Amigos Multiply Prizes By 2,500 5.00/5 (100.00%) 4 votes

Rewards that are hotter than chili are at stake in the slot game, Tres Amigos. Adapting a Mexican theme and patterned after the popular film, Three Amigos, it multiplies your winnings for up to 2,500!

tres amigos

Tres Amigos lacks the typical bonus features, wild and scatter that are commonly seen in video slots. For some, the game’s interface falls short in delivering the kind of thrill and “challenge” in multi-reel slots. However, here is the catch, its win multiplier turns every player into an instant high-roller—and that is without exerting too much effort. Moreover, members are advised to place the maximum bet so they can make the most out of this game.

Another major thrust of this game is that it only takes a single chili to generate a win. Majority of online slots require three (3) or two (2) identical symbols to form a winning pattern. Yet, Tres Amigos beg to differ. As much as possible, it does not want its players to lift a finger to win.

Among the other symbols that this online one-armed bandit requires are maracas, tequilas, cacti, tacos, guitars and a bunch of mustaches.

Overall, Tres Amigos is a certified profitable game. It is one of those diversions that does not come at a high price—even winning is never that hard.

Indeed, if there is a slot machine worthy of one’s attention and time, there is no doubt that Tres Amigos readily fits this role. Make your winning spins today and never miss the opportunity to fill your bankroll in a snap!

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  • Ashley

    I’d better try this one, is it a new game from your site? Looks cool, thanks for the tips!

  • 12betcasinoblog

    Thanks Ashley! Yes, you bet, it is a new one:)