12BET Casino Spams You With Big Prizes In Spamalot!

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Spamalot is a casino game online that is inspired by the masterpieces created by the brilliant comedic group, Monty Phyton. It combines the creative knack of the great musical Spamalot (of which the game was named after), the flair of the film, Holy Grail and the excitement of online slots. 

A 5-reel, 20 pay line online slots, you have to watch out for its four (4) bonus features and two (2) progressive jackpots. 

12BET Casino Spamalot

The coveted symbols

Spamalot has four (4) powerful symbols that shall help you form a winning combination. These are: 

The Holy Grail

Honor thy Holy Grail for this is the game’s wild symbol. It will substitute for other symbols except for the scatter, the bonus and jackpot game symbols. 

The Scatter Logo

This scatter symbol does not need to appear in particular payline to generate a winning combination. 

If 3 or more scatter symbols appear in the spin results, your payout shall be multiplied by the total bet. 

This will also trigger the free game feature if 3 or more of these symbols appear on the reel. 

The Bonus Clouds

You will definitely get a high with these bonus clouds for these will trigger the bonus games, provided that it appears on reel #1 and #5. 

The Jackpot Game Symbol

The appearance of five (5) jackpot game symbols makes you eligible to participate in the Holy Grail Jackpot Game where bigger prizes are in store. 

Bonus games

Spamalot’s bonus games are yet another opportunity for you to increase your winnings. Find out what you can get from the following rounds: 

Storm the castle bonus

You will see six (6) spots in this round. Equipped with four (4) knights, you have to choose which of these spots will prevent your knights from being hit with a cow shot. 

None shall pass bonus

This round will definitely test your battle skills. At the onset, you shall receive a X5 multiplier. Your goal is to attack the Black Knight.

A huge cash prize awaits you each time you hit your opponent. However, your multiplier goes down by one level every time you miss. 

Knight Who Say Ni Bonus

Here you are asked to choose among the three (3) houses. Once you made your choice, you will see the cash value of the house that you choose. You have the option to keep the reward or choose another house. 

Killer rabbit bonus

If you beat the Black Knight, you will surely have an easy time beating the killer rabbit. For this bonus round, you have to click on a rock and see to it that you make a good aim to destroy the rabbit. 

Do everything to protect your knights. Every killed knight lowers your cash prize. 

A highly lucrative and entertaining game, Spamalot is worth all the effort and time.

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