12BET Casino Reels Set To Increase Prizes By 100X!

12BET Casino Reels Set To Increase Prizes By 100X! 5.00/5 (100.00%) 6 votes

All it takes is just one spin to multiply a player’s winnings by as much as 100X of his original bet. And 12BET Casino’s very own “Reels” can make it happen.


What to expect

Reels is a Vegas-type online slot machine. To be more exact, it is a classic reel. This means that a player deals with just a single payline. Likewise, the game lacks the typical wild, scatter and bonus symbols commonly found in multi-line one-armed bandits. Fruits, bells and crowns are some of the main symbols used. They might be too simple compared to the animated images of video slots. However, they elicit a certain degree of nostalgia—the attempt to bring back the era of classic machines.

What’s the catch?

One of Reels’ major thrusts is its win multipliers. At the very least, it doubles one’s prizes and the maximum amount can be as high as 100. To trigger the said multiplier, three (3) crowns must show-up.

Another thing to love about this game is its flexibility. The game does not stick to the 3-identical image mantra that winning combinations usually observe. As long as there is a cherry, the player wins automatically. Adding more attraction is the fact that members can choose the symbols where they want to bet on.

Due to its flexibility, it can be safely assumed that a player’s winning possibilities are a little above 50%. With Reels, it is impossible for a member to go home empty-handed.

For a fool-proof win every time you spin, Reels is definitely, the perfect game for you!


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