What Is Progressive Blackjack?

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Strong and natural hands, plus a winning combination bring huge payouts to progressive blackjack players. 

This casino game online is known for its huge jackpot and a high degree of blackjack thrill and excitement. 

Progressive blackjack

Securing a natural hand is not the only way to win in progressive blackjack. You get an additional payout after hitting the winning combination described in the pay table. 

Progressive blackjack works exactly the same as progressive slots or progressive baccarat. 

In this game, you have the option to place progressive bets. If you feel that Lady Luck works in your favor, place your bet at once and let your bankroll increase. 

Since the progressive games are participated by many online casinos, expect the jackpot to be big. 

Recently in 12BET Casino, one of its players nailed around MYR 770, 000 just by playing the progressive slots game, Everybody’s Jackpot. There is no doubt that you can also experience the same winning moment in progressive blackjack. 

12BET Progressive Blackjack

The winning combination

The progressive jackpot’s winning combination is getting four consecutive Aces starting from the first hand. 

Always remember that you need to place the progressive bet to qualify. You will not qualify unless you place the bet. 

What happens if the jackpot is hit?

Progressive jackpots are reset once a member wins. Yet, this should not worry you. 

Seeds or contributions from each participating casinos ensure that the money pool is not drained. 

Start playing

To start playing progressive blackjack, all you need to do is download and install the 12BET Casino client. 

To play directly in your browser, use Instant Play. You do not have to download anything in here. With new features and better interphase, you will surely enjoy using this newly improved casino add-on. 

Winning is everything. Start your winning journey today via playing progressive blackjack in 12BET Casino. Who knows, you might be the next millionaire that we have been waiting for! 


****Other than the progressive jackpot, here is another opportunity for you to receive extra cash. Play progressive blackjack and get up to MYR 300 in 12BET Casino Olympics. 

Daily bonuses up to MYR 200 are also at stake, plus an unlimited cashback that you can get weekly! 

Are you new to progressive blackjack? Never miss a winning opportunity. Register and deposit today and get up to MYR 2,200 worth of welcome package!

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