Jackpots Soar High In Progressive Baccarat!

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The progressive bets differentiate progressive baccarat from your usual online baccarat game. Whenever you play, a portion of your bet goes into it. Progressive bets are comprised of wagers coming from other participating casinos or that use similar software. It is because of this that big jackpots are common among progressive games. 

Money pool and side bets

You should not confuse your progressive bets as side bets. These two are entirely different from each other. Always, a small percentage of your bet will go to the money pool even if you do not place side bets. Side bets, in other words, are purely optional. 

The ticker

The ticker shows you the current jackpot amount that you can win. Click it and you will see the pay table. From here, you will see the payouts of different winning combinations. These are multiplied by the progressive bets that you made. This will be the basis for the winning amount. 

The seed

The so-called seed pertains to the base jackpot amount. The winning prize is reset whenever a jackpot is won. This ensures that you will still get a huge reward even if the jackpot is already bagged by another member. 

12BET Casino Progressive Baccarat


Do baccarat rules change?

As mentioned, it is only the progressive bets that make the difference. The same baccarat rules are observed and practiced. Still, the game’s objective is to get a total card value of nine (9) or close to it. 

Playing progressive baccarat

To play progressive baccarat in 12BET Casino, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Register and download our casino client
  • Install the casino client, make your first deposit and play
  • You may also use our instant play feature. This allows you to play the game directly into your browser 

Progressive baccarat takes baccarat into a whole new level of gaming. It makes the game more exciting and of course, very profitable. You can start playing now and who knows, you might be our next big winner. 

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