Take Online Casino Gaming Into A Higher Level With Live Sic Bo

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Live Sic Bo Basics 

One thing that you will notice in live sic bo are the live dealers that supervise and facilitates the game. You will also see the equipment used such as the dice and table are also the ones that you will encounter in land-based casinos. 

Perhaps if there is one thing that separates live sic bo from those that are held in traditional casinos is that the former is broadcasted in the internet in real time. Here, you do not have to leave your house so that you can play. You have a seemingly private online casino right into your very own computer. 

Why you should play live sic bo?

Other than comfort and convenience, you have more reasons to try this game. 

Genuine and authentic

Everything that you see on the webcast is real, not staged. If you take a closer look, a television channel is shown at the back of the live dealer. The game happens simultaneously with the program presented in the television. You can even verify it. 

Fair gaming

If you have issues with biased gaming or manipulations, live sic bo is the right game for you. Since all activities happen in real time, you can be assured that fair gaming is readily observed and practiced. As a matter of fact, after every the dice are rolled, you will see a close-up shot of the outcome. 

12BET Casino Live Sicbo


Live sic bo retains its “social” aspect. In the game, you can use the chat option. You can use this to connect to other players or have a small talk with the dealer. Unless they are close buddies, players hardly interact to each other in land-based casinos. The same thing is true for the players and dealers—more often than not, they need to maintain their distance from each other. However, such barriers are readily addressed by live sic bo.

Winning in live sic bo

Amidst all the strategies and techniques presented, really, the secret to winning in sic bo is knowing the best bets and avoid those that give a high house advantage.
For this game, the  most profitable bets are the following:

  • Big and small bets
  • Odd and even
  • Single dice bets 

Meanwhile, the ones that you should avoid are:Any triple

  • Any pair
  • Triple

Live sic bo is one of the most enjoyable game that you can enjoy here in 12BET Casino. Enjoy the real casino action, the privacy and of course, the big prizes without the hassle and fuss.

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