Why 12BET Casino Is The Best Place To Play Live Roulette

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Roulette Action

Although the rules are the same, live roulette is a bit different from the usual online roulette. The latter is operated by random number generators (RNG).
Live roulette
, on the other hand is facilitated by live dealers. You see real people doing the actual spin. Despite of the fact that it is broadcasted via the web, the game is neither pre-recorded nor scripted. You enjoy and experience it in real time. Playing live roulette is similar to going to land-based casinos without the hassle and fuss.

Playing live roulette

In roulette, the dealer spins the wheel and drops the ball in the opposite direction. To win, you need to determine the number or the number range where the ball will most likely to fall. In order to increase your winning chances, you must fully understand how roulette bets function. This will readily help you make better decisions. The usual bets that you can make in live roulette are split, street, corner, trio, red or black, even or odd etc. 

Other than the technical stuff, you must also secure that you have a stable internet connection to fully enjoy the game. 

Since only a few online casinos can afford to offer live games, choosing a reputable casino site is necessary. 

Live roulette in 12BET Casino

12BET Casino is a trusted and reliable casino site that offers live roulette. Playing live roulette here gives you several advantages and benefits:

  • Great video streaming – 12BET Casino’s video streaming is superb. Using high definition cameras to record everything, you enjoy crystal clear coverage of the game.
  • Irresistible prizes – Live roulette is covered in 12BET Casino’s promotion—EURO 2012, Predict and Win. Playing this game today will give you a chance to get your share of the money pool worth MYR 15,000 if you are playing in Asia and $5,000 if you are playing in Europe.
  • Better payout – 12BET Casino is recognized for its competitive payout percentage. This means that a large chunk of the player’s money is returned unto them. 

If you want to have variations with the usual click and spin games, there is no doubt that live roulette is indeed, a must-try game!

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