Bigger Prizes Await 12BET Casino’s Live Baccarat Players

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Live baccarat is one of the most exciting live games offered in 12BET Casino. It is streamed and broadcasted in real time via the internet. Compared to online blackjack, a human dealer facilitates the game. This is in stark contrast to online baccarat run by a random generator engine. Other than that, you can also chat or talk to the live dealer.  

From the tables to the cards, live baccarat perfectly resembles a baccarat battle held within land-based casinos. The tables and the cards (which are scanned for computer recognition)—everything that is used in brick and mortar casinos can be seen and experienced in 12BET Casino’s live baccarat. 

The rules

Gaming rules in live baccarat does not change. Members need to get a hand with card values amounting to nine (9) or close to it. Cards ranging from 2 to 9 retain their values while face cards such as king, queen and jack has no value at all. The ace gets a value of 1.  If the total card value exceeds 9, for example, 13, members simply need to subtract 10. This yields a total value of 3.


Members can bet on the banker, player or a tie. Members can place side bets too such as:

  • Player pair – the player’s first two cards is a pair
  • Banker pair – the banker’s first two cards is a pair
  • Either pair – either the player or the banker received a pair
  • Perfect pair – the player or the banker received pair of the same suit such as a pair of 2 of hearts
  • Big  - the number of cards distributed between the player and the banker is 5 or 6
  • Small  - the number of cards distributed between the player and the banker is 4


Why play live baccarat?

Live baccarat offer several advantages that make the player’s casino gaming experience more worthwhile.


  • Accessible – Members do not need to travel into far-flung places just to play. All they need to do is simply download the software or play directly at their browsers.
  • Practical – Transportation expenses and sometimes, even hotel accommodations no longer worry members for they are playing inside the confines of their house.
  • Bigger rewards – One thing that members can enjoy in online casinos is the big prizes. This is most especially true if the game is included in the promotion.


Certainly, there is no doubt that live baccarat is a great casino game that every player should not miss. It is fun, accessible and most importantly, the rewards at stake are three things that makes the whole activity worthy of one’s time.


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