Staggering 20:1 Payout To Be Given Away In 21 Duel Blackjack

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Winning a blackjack duel is fun. Yet, receiving a 20:1 payout is exciting and this can be yours when you play the casino game online 21 Duel Blackjack in 12BET Casino. 

This casino game online is similar to blackjack, except that you will see communal cards in action in here. Your main goal is to ensure that you have a better hand than that of the dealer without busting. 

12BET-Casino 21 Duel Blackjack Winning Combination

Enjoy the duel, enjoy the cashback. Yes, you get UNLIMITED CASHBACK WEEKLY when you play this game here in 12BET Casino!

The duel

The duel begins when you receive 2 cards. One of them is a face down card and the other is the opposite. 

Two (2) communal cards will be distributed and you get three (3) options to choose from. 

Either you choose one of the communal cards—the left or right card. Its value will be added to your face up card. 

You also have the option to fold. Folding means surrendering your cards. 

On the other hand, if you choose a card, you are given 2 more options. These are the hit and stand. 

Should you wish to make a hit, your face down card shall be opened. Its value will be added to the total value of your card. 

Meanwhile, if you choose to stand, this means you are battling out with your 2 cards. 

You win if you have a stronger hand than the dealer. 

2 Up BET

The 2 UP bet gives you another opportunity to have bigger wins. This is a side bet where you predict that you will form a pair with your hand. For this, you get a 3:1 payout. 

However, a much bigger prize awaits you if you form a three of a kind. This gives you a 20:1 payout. If you place a $5 side bet and got this combination, you instantly get a $100 for this bet alone. 

Several hands are better than one

21 Duel blackjack has a multihand feature, which allows you to wager on several hands. This mode gives you an advantage over the house. With different options, you can spread your risks. You will never worry if one of your hands did not make it, you have another hand which can deliver a win. 

12BET Casino 21 Duel Blackjack Multihand

Evidently, the odds are working in your favor with this game. Play and take advantage of it now. Yet, here is another thing that you should watch out for. Here in 12BET Casino, every game you play entitles you to an unlimited cashback. It does not matter whether you win or lose. You will still get a reward. 

Are you ready for an intense blackjack duel? Play now and show them what you got here in 12BET Casino.

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