Red Dog Surprises You With 11 To 1 Payout

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As long as you know your card sequence, you will never have any troubles playing Red Dog. Under this popular game, you need to predict whether the third card’s value is within the range of the first 2 cards. 

Only the number range matters in this game. The third card’s suit has no bearing at all. Easy and devoid of all the complexities of other card games, winning in Red Dog is a simple feat for any online casino player.  

12BET Casino Red Dog

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How does it go?

The first 2 cards play a significant role in the game for they will determine the game’s outcome. There are several scenarios, which you need to understand in order to maximize Red Dog’s winning opportunities.

  1. When the first 2 cards have the same value and the 3rd card happens to have another similar value, you get the highest payout of 11 to 1. In poker, this is known as three of a kind. You get this hand in Red Dog and you also win.
  2. When you get 2 consecutive cards i.e a 9 and 10, your bet is returned. This scenario is referred to as the tie or push.

    12BET Casino Red Dog Push

    When there is a push, your bet is returned.

  3. When you have a spread, or in simpler terms a number range i.e a 6 and a 10, you have the option to raise your wager to get bigger winnings. If the 3rd card’s value falls in between the first 2 cards, you win. Your winnings are paid according to the payout table. 

Hint: The shorter or limited the spread, the bigger prizes you get. 

Understanding spreads

Red Dog’s spreads refer to the number of cards that connect the first 2 cards. For example, if your first 2 cards is 5 and 7, you have a spread of 1. Between 5 and 7, you have 6. Only 1 card is needed to complete the number range. However, if your first 2 cards is a 7 and Queen, you have a spread of 5. 

Winning in card games should be easy. It is all about knowing the right game to play and certainly, Red Dog is one of those games. 

The Red Dog is waiting to give yet another life-changing reward to players. Get it before other does. 

But aside from your Red Dog winnings, be prepared as well to get an unlimited cashback when you play here in 12BET Casino.

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