Lower The House Edge And Win Big With Blackjack Switch

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Although a modified version of standard blackjack, blackjack switch observes the same rules as that of the former. To win, the total card value of the player’s hand must be 21 or close to it.

In blackjack switch, however, members play with two (2) hands instead of one (1). They can interchange the top cards of each hand to get better combinations, thus, the term “switch.” 

Top cards, in this case, pertain to the second card dealt to the players. 

For example, if Hand A gets a 10 and a 3 while Hand B gets a 3 and an Ace, players, can switch Hand A’s 3 and Hand B’s Ace. 

Both hands are played in the game—starting with the right hand. Moreover, switches should be made prior to making a hit. 

12BET Casino Blackjack Switch


Certain exceptions must be remembered when playing blackjack switch to avoid confusion. First, the dealer will always have a soft 17 and will get another card. The Ace, on the other hand, will take a card value of 11. 

In case the dealer’s total card value is 22, the latter still wins, unless the player gets blackjack. This is known as the push. 

Giving the player more edge

Blackjack switch gives more edge to the players, enabling them to lower their risks and win more frequently. 

Members can further gain advantage in this game via the Super Match bet. Located in the middle of the blackjack table, it rewards members that hold a pair. It does not matter which hand, as long as there is a pair. 


Blackjack switch is exclusive to online casinos powered by Playtech. 12BET Casino for one uses the Playtech gaming software. 

There is no doubt that blackjack switch is the perfect game for many blackjack lovers. The game gives a definite advantage to players. If you are one of those members wanting to beat the house and at the same time, enjoy blackjack, blackjack switch, indeed is a must-try game.

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