Get Big Prizes In Casino War

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Good news for all lovers of card game, “War!” Now you can enjoy this exciting game online and not only that, you also get the chance to bring home amazing prizes. How do you do this? All you need to do is log-in to your 12BET Casino account and play Casino war. 

How the game came to life

Casino War is based by the children’s game, War. A deck of card is equally distributed between two (2) players. Each of them will show their top cards and the one who has the higher card, wins. 

Nothing really differentiates the two, except that in Casino War, you play online. You can enjoy it anytime of the day or in any place. 

Playing online

When you play this game online, the dealer and you will receive a card. As mentioned, whoever gets the higher card wins instantly. However, if both of you receive the same card, you will have two options—either you go to war or surrender. 

If you opted to go to war, four (4) more cards will be distributed. It is the fourth card that shall be shown. Needless to say, you win if your card is higher than the dealer. 

Meanwhile, if you choose to surrender, you will no longer receive additional cards. However, you will lose half of your bet. 

12BET Casino War

Going for the tie bet

The tie bet is one of the best bets that you can make for it has a high payout. Here, you assume that you and the dealer will get a similar card. Should a tie occurs, the payout range is 10 to 1. This bet alone can increase your funds in a snap. 

Playing at  12BET Casino

12BET Casino is the best place to play Casino War. Aside from your game winnings, you can also get up to MYR 300 worth of cash medals in the 12BET Casino Olympics Promotion. 

Simply download the casino client and log-in to your account. If you are a new player, you need to register first. Meanwhile, if you want to play without downloading anything, you may also access the game via our instant play feature. This option allows you to enjoy the game directly into your browser.

Definitely, Casino War is one of the easiest and most lucrative online casino games. Perhaps if there is one thing that will best describe this game, this is no other than “easy money.”

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