Three Cards Rummy: Weak Hands Win Big!

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There are tons of bizarre online casino games you could play at 12BET but Three Cards Rummy strays from the normal way of how you could beat the dealer’s hand: through weaker hands. The rule most common to popular casino card games is to beat the dealer’s hand; at Three Cards Rummy, you win if your hand gets a lower value.

How to play it

As its name suggests, this game gives you and the dealer three cards apiece. While you are dealt with cards face up, the dealer gets hers face down. The dealer’s cards shall be opened once the participants already have theirs.

13 Three Cards Rummy

To determine if your hands win, all cards are ranked according to their poker value, except aces which get the lowest value (one) and the face cards which are valued at 10. A winning combination of a pair or three of a kind is equivalent to zero.

For example:

You get an 8, a 2, and a 4, and the dealer gets two jacks and an ace. Here, you are the winner since you have the weaker hand (8+2+4=14) than the dealer’s (10+10+1=21).

How to bet

There are two betting options in this game, the fold and raise. Betting starts before opening the dealer’s face down cards. You will be asked if you want to fold or go for a raise. Raising means you are confident that you have a weaker hand and will continue the game with the additional bet that equals your ‘ANTE’ bet. Folding means surrendering your hand and losing your bets.

The dealer must have 20 points or less to qualify; if not, the raise bets will push. If the dealer does qualify, the value of each other’s hands shall be compared. Whoever gets the lower value, wins.

If you win, the ante will pay even money and the raise according to ‘RAISE’ pay table below. If the dealer has the lower hand, the ante and raise will lose. A tie will result in a push.

Raise Bet paytable:


Play Three Cards Rummy now at 12BET and let the weakest hand lead you to your most powerful win!

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