Blackjack Moves That Stop You From Winning (Part I)

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Online blackjack is known for its thrill, challenge and of course, the rewards. But sometimes due to  pressure, some players tend to commit the following errors when it comes to playing their blackjack hands.

Soft 17 vs. any up card 

Consist of an Ace (which takes a value of 11) and a 6, it is pretty understandable not to stand or ask for another card. 

This is understandable for there is always the fear of being busted. But take a look at this, if you are holding a soft 17 and get another high card, you can always replace the value of Ace with 1.
Assuming that you have a soft 17 and you receive a 9 (an Ace, a 6 and a 10). The value of your card does not change at all. It remained at 17. So what is the difference? Nothing really, except that you could have nailed a 21 if you made a stand and received a 4. 

Thus, the best approach is to hit with a soft 17 or double down. 

Soft 18 vs 9, 10 or Ace

This is simply the same principle as that of the soft 17. Just bear this in mind, when you have a soft hand, the Ace can either take the value of 1 or 11. It is flexible and that flexibility gives you the opportunity to hit a 21 or secure a stronger hand than the dealer.
What is the best thing to do? Make a hit. 

Hard 12 and a dealer’s bust cards

A dealer’s bust cards are comprised of upcards 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. They are referred to as bust cards because the dealer has a higher chance of busting compared to having an upcard of 7.
But then again, take a look at your card again, do you really think that a hard 12 is strong enough to beat that of the dealer? 

Long before you worry of getting a 10 and busting, worry on how you can improve your hand first. Thus, under such circumstance, it is best to always make a hit or ask for another card. 

Sometimes, it is fear that keeps you from getting a much better and stronger hand in blackjack. When this happens, you lose a great winning opportunity. 

There are other misplayed blackjack hands that you need to know and understand so keep on visiting this blog to get updates on the latest casino happenings and tips.

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