Blackjack Moves That Stop You From Winning (Part II)

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The previous post discussed blackjack hands that you must carefully think about when you play this casino game online.

Now, here is another round of blackjack hands that are often misplayed by players.

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Hard 16 vs. 7

Getting a card value of 16 is good, but not strong enough to secure a win. Players have the option to make a hit to increase their winning chances. 

However, they are prevented from doing so when they see that the dealer’s up card is 7. This is a comfort zone for many—hoping that the dealer wil get busted. 

Yet, if you take a closer look, still, the dealer has a better chance of getting a stronger hand. 

The point here is that your hand can be further improved. Grab the chance rather than merely depending that the dealer will get busted. 

Always, remember that with the proper technique, online blackjack can be legally beaten. 

Making the split

Splitting becomes an option whenever players get a pair. When you split, this means that you wil be playing with two hands. 

The big question, however, is knowing the right time to split. It is a lot easier if you have a pair of Aces or 10. If you have a pair of Aces, you split and for a pair of 10, you simply stand. But what if you have a pair of 8 or 9? 

For a pair of 8, still, it is much better to split. This hand brings you a card value of 16. Yet, as mentioned, 16 is still, not a strong hand. 

Meanwhile, a pair of 9 is strong enough, but if the dealer shows a 9 or 10 or an Ace, it is best if you split it. 

The insurance

More often than not, an insurance bet is made whenever the dealer has an upcard of Ace. Taking an insurance is performed to protect the player from losing big amounts just in case the dealer secures a blackjack. 

But then again, this is not as profitable as you think. You only get even money if the dealer did not get a 10 , Jack or Queen. The same thing happens when the dealer secures a blackjack. Nothing is really changed, except that it costs you literally, spend more than what is necessary. 

Once again, blackjack can be beaten legally. You only need to study your moves carefully and you will not only enjoy the game, but also, accumulate wins.

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