Be Extravagant in 12BET Casino’s Stravaganza!

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12BET Casino’s  Stravaganza is a card game where your ultimate goal is to obtain a hand that has a higher value than that of the dealer. Never worry when you have no deposit. Casino deals are present in 12BET Casino.

It follows similar principles as that of blackjack, except that in this game, there is no thing such as “busting.” The higher your hand value is, the better winning chances you have. 

The individual value of each card does not change. Face cards get a value of 10 while the Ace gets a value of 1. How does it work?

You will receive 2 face up cards, while the dealer shall get 3 face down cards. Immediately after the cards have been dealt, you will see your card’s total value.

Now here is where the fun part begins. Depending on your card’s value, Stravaganza will give you options to rescue your bets or continue playing. These are: 

  • Money back – If your card value is 5 or lower, you can take this option. You end the round and your bet shall be returned.
  • Rescue bet – Let us say your card value is somewhere between 6 and 9. It can compete with the dealer, indeed, that is true. However, this is no strong enough to win. Thanks to the rescue bet, you can still get half of your bet in the end.
  • Sit – Choosing this option means you will continue playing with your 2 cards. Usually, this appears when you have a card value of 10 or higher.
  • Play on –Play on is similar to “sit.” Yet, you are playing with 3 cards in here. Regardless of the card value, this option will always appear. By the way, this option gives the most lucrative payout. 
12BET Casino Stravaganza

Extravagant game and extravagant prizes are waiting for you in Stravaganza!

Another bonus

Stravaganza includes a progressive side bet and you know what it means when you have a side bet like this. Again, you have another opportunity to increase your winnings in a flash due to the progressive jackpot at stake. 

To get the progressive jackpot though, you need to secure 3 kings of hearts—as simple as that! 

Of all the card games featured in 12BET Casino, Stravaganza is definitely one of the easiest to master. 

You do not need to be a math genius and memorize all kinds of formula. You do not need cheat sheets to memorize and most importantly, you are not compelled to have a high bankroll to fully enjoy this game. Instead, it is the other way around. Due to the game’s simplicity and overflowing winning opportunities, it will be the one to fill and give a boost to your funds. 

12BET Casino, however, has another surprise for you. Play Stravaganza everyday and at the end of the week, you will receive an unlimited cashback! Enjoy as many rebates as you want. Take note, this is not a one-time event. This is a continuous one. As long as you played Stravaganza, you will get a cashback at the end of the week. 

Be bold and extravagant. Play Stravaganza at 12BET Casino today!

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