Wolverine Saga Continues In Online Casinos

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Many are now raving about the recently released film, Wolverine. Yet, Wolverine’s adventures neither end in the big screen nor in the pages of Marvel comic books. Now, this online casino game has already invaded the gaming world and has been attracting loyal followers as well.

Wolverine scratch
Wolverine scratch ensures that you get your wager’s worth. Under this game, you can get prizes, which are 5,000X bigger than the original bet. Compared to traditional scratch games, it has a better and higher payout.

How to play the game
The only thing that this game requires you is to form a winning combination horizontally or vertically.

In general, it does not have a fix prize since each symbol contains a win multiplier. The symbol with the lowest multiplier doubles your winnings, while the highest prize booster increases your reward for up to 5,000.

A winning bet
If you want to maximize this game, the best way to do it is to place bigger wagers. Flat betting hardly rewards you. In the long run, you might be surprised to see your bankroll deplete slowly.

Take for example, if you wager for $1 and your winning symbol can only triple your prize, you will only earn $3.  However, assuming that you made a hit with a similar winning symbol, but you wagered $5, you will be enjoying $15. Apparently, there is a big difference between the prizes generated. Thus, there is no doubt that a higher bet, delivers more profitable  and rewarding  results.

scratch game

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