Twist, Turn And Win in Dice Twister!

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Animate Sic Bo, present a 3D version and what casino game online do you have? Dice Twister!

Your mission

Predict the results or outcome of a 3-dice roll—this is all you need to do to win this game. 

Similar to Sic Bo, you can place multiple bets to spread your risks and increase your winning chances. 

12BET Casino Dice Twister Winning Combination

You do not need to think of another strategy or technique. You do not have to do tedious research on how you can beat the odds. The approaches that you apply in Sic Bo also work for Dice Twister. 

The bets

There are four (4) general bets that you can place in Dice Twister and each of them has a different payout. 

  • Totals  - This is a very specific bet. You are betting on a number, which, you think will be the total value of the three dice after they have been rolled. It has a high payout, which can range for up to X70 of your initial bet.
  • Numbers – Choose among numbers 1 to 6 and place a bet on it. Under the numbers bet, you predict that any of the above-mentioned numbers will show up after the roll. If it shows on a single die, you double your winnings. If it shows on 2 dice, you triple your prizes. However, if it crops out on all the three dice, your winnings will be 15X bigger.
  • Hi, Mid and Lo – This is a bit similar to the totals. However, you observe a number range in here. For the Lo bet, you assume that the sum of the three dice will be somewhere along 3 to 18. Meanwhile, for Mid bet, the number range is 9 to 12 and 13 to 18 goes fo the Hi bet.
  • Odd, even, mix  - This is easy and simple to understand. You predict that all the numbers that will appear on the dice will be even, odd or a combination of both. Together with the Hi, Mid and Lo bet, they are two (2) of the most lucrative bets that you can place. The payout is a little bit smaller. But then again, these two also give you the highest winning possibilities. 

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