Strike And Win In Bonus Bowling!

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Bonus Bowling is one of the easiest and lucrative online casino games that you will encounter. All you have to do is to predict the outcome of a bowling throw.

You must determine if the pins will be knocked out in a single throw or not, Giving you more freedom and flexibility, you may also bet on a specific number of pins that shall go down after the throw.

The bets  

You can place several bets for Bonus Bowling. These are:

  • Strike  - Bet on  strike if you are confident that all pins will go down in one throw
  • Spare  - Bet on spare if you need two throws to win
  • 0-3; 4-6; 7-9  - You can wager on these specific number ranges if you think that a strike or spare will not work in your favor

Bonus Bowling permits multiple bets. You can simultaneously wager on a strike and spare. 

Multiple betting allows you to spread your risks and increase your winning chances. This can be attributed to the fact that you are not placing your eggs and for this case, bets, into a single basket.

Golden Frame

12BET Casino Bonus Bowling

A golden frame appears during the special game round. Give your best shot

For example if you place a $10 bet and the golden frame appears, your total winnings will increase to $100 once you make a strike. when this happens. See to it that you make a perfect strike to increase your winnings for 10 X. 

Money talks

There is no doubt that Bonus Bowling is a money-raking casino game online. First is because of its simplicity. You can easily get the hang of it in a matter of minutes. Relatively, if you become an expert of something, it becomes a lot easier for you to win.

Secondly, the multiple bets assure you of getting something in return. Going home empty-handed rarely happens in this game.

Lastly, Bonus Bowling is not only recognized for its large payouts. More than anything else, it lets you enjoy the game to the fullest.

Strike out all those pins and start winning immediately. Play Bonus Bowling now.

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