Spin And Get Up To 23X Bigger Payout In Spin A Win

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If you think online roulette is love, here is another casino game online, which is as enjoyable and worthwhile as that of roulette. 

This is no other than Spin A Win! Spin A Win is a popular arcade game where players bet on a specific number, a number range or a color which they believe will show up after a spin. 

12BET Casino Spin A Win Winning Combination

One spin, one great WIN!

Your list of bets

There are several bets present in this game. Each of them has a different payout. These are the following:

Any one number – This bet means you are wagering on a specific number, which you think will show up after a spin.

Range  - As the name suggests, you are betting on a number range in here. Compared to the previous bet, you have higher winning possibilities in this wager. You can bet on these number ranges: 1 to 8; 9 to 16 and 17 to 24.

Colors  - In roulette, there is a bet called red/black. This type of bet is also possible in Spin A Win. There is however, a little bit of twist in here. In this game, you can bet on color combinations. You can wager on green and red; blue and yellow etc. 

12BET CasinoSpin-A-Win-Bet-Two-Colors

Betting on two colors

Last digit  - This one is self-explanatory. You only consider the number’s last digit and you will win instantly when you place a bet on it.

Odd/ Even – You have probably seen this bet in roulette. But for emphasis, this bet requires you to predict whether the result is an odd or even one.

Higher/ lower – For this wager, you need to spin the wheel first. Afterwards, you try to determine whether the next result has a higher or lower value. 

The joy of multiple betting

If you want a sure win, you can capitalize on the multiple betting feature of this game. The more bets you place, the more winning opportunities you get. 

12BET Casino Spin A Win Bet Multiple Betting

Place multiple bets for higher winning chances!

Simple, easy and profitable, this is what Spin A Win is all about. But hey, did you know that you are also entitled for a weekly unlimited cashback when you play this game? Yes, you heard it right, we are giving away cashbacks every weekend so you better spin your way to huge prizes and bonuses today. Spin A Win is just a click away from you! Play now!

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