Make Coin Flipping A Profitable Activity In 12BET Casino’s Heads Or Tails

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Coin flipping takes a new face at 12BET Casino. Previously used as an efficient method to choose between equally good alternatives or sometimes, to resolve issues, it has evolved into a unique online casino game.

More popularly known as Heads or Tails, this game puts your instincts to the test and rewards you with cool prizes. 

12BET Casino Heads Or Tails

Heads? Tails? Which do you think will show up? Cast your choice NOW!

Game objective

This game is as simple as your all-time favorite, slots. Yet, instead of making a spin, you only need to guess the coin flip’s outcome. 

Wager for the heads if you have a strong gut feel about it. Or bet on tails if you think that will do the trick. 

You have the option to flip the coin once, twice or thrice. The power is all in your hands. 

Double coin play

Why settle for a single coin, when you can play with 2? Yes, you can play with 2 coins in this game. It is more advantageous, not to mention profitable since you can place multiple bets. 

Multiple betting, as often discussed, minimizes your risks. Place a wager on heads or bet on tails or if you want to really test your instincts, you can wager solely on the heads or on the tails. 

Easiest game

There is no doubt that this game is the easiest of all arcade games in 12BET Casino. However, it is not just its easy breezy aspect, which you will truly enjoy. The animation—the way that coin flipped is superb! 

Never make winning too hard for you. Heads or Tails is a no-sweat game! To add to the excitement, you will be receiving a cashback at the end of the week. It does not matter whether you win or lose. As long as you played this game, you become automatically eligible for the cashback!

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