Join And Play The Winner’s Club To Get Up to 15,000X Of Prizes In 12BET Casino

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Money definitely speaks in this one of a kind, online casino game, Winner’s Club. It features a multiplier—which is not usually offered in scratch games and a big progressive jackpot that looms to gargantuan amount every time this game is played. 

12BET Casino Winner's Club Winning Combination

Choose the gold or platinum cards to take the progressive jackpot and a cashback at the end of the week!

The 4 cards

As you enter the game, you get to choose among 4 types of cards:

  1. Classic
  2. Silver
  3. Gold and
  4. Platinum 

The bets placed for each group of cards vary and so are the winning amounts. The gold and platinum cards deliver the highest prizes plus the chance to participate in the most coveted progressive jackpot! 

Win the easy way

True to its name, Winner’s Club, you do not have to bleed to win in this game. Get 3 identical monetary symbols and you see your bankroll increase immediately. 

Multiply and magnify your wins

Multipliers are usually seen in online slots. Do not be surprised if you see one in this game. This game has a multiplier which can double or triple your winnings and all you have to do is make that simple scratch. 

12BET Casino Winner's Club Multiplier

12BET Casino Winner's Club Scratched Multiplier

As a matter of fact, you can even multiply your winnings for up to 15,000x! Say, you wager a $1, multiply that to 15,000 and you get $15,00 grand in an instant. Now just imagine how much more you can get if you place a much bigger bet! 

More cash!

If you think that winning a prize that is 15,000 bigger than your original bet is already too much for you to contain, wait until you get the progressive jackpot! 

Add your winnings to the prize amount in the money pool and maybe, just maybe, you can already go for an early retirement and live an extravagant life.

If the progressive jackpot is still, not enough to make you play, we give you another significant reason not to miss this game. Get an unlimited cashback at the end of the week! 

Do not be left out and join the Winner’s Club today! Claim rewards and privileges fit for a champ!

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