Increase Your Winnings Up To 13X In Frakie’s Fantastic 7

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Experience the triumph and glory of elite equestrian and premiere horse racing jockey, Frankie Dettori in an action-packed and heart-stopping arcade game, Frankie’s Fantastic 7. Finish the race with winnings 13X bigger than your original bet!

12BET Casino Frankie's Fantastic 7 Winning Combination

You can get bigger winnings than this. Don’t forget the bonuses and cashback!

Game objective

Players simply need to determine which of the seven (7) horses will make it to the finish line. 

A mixture of luck, gut feel and an ounce of strategy are enough for you to get prizes. It is pretty lucrative, just like the real horse betting adventure that punters experience in the race track and this is without the hassles of travelling and enduring a jam-packed crowd in the bleachers. 

Let the race begin

Seven horses with different odds will surprise online casino players. Taking a leap from the typical horse racing game where horses run automatically in the track, it is the cards which determine every step taken by these horses. The horse, which gets the highest card, moves forward. 

Along the race, several scenarios may occur and these may affect the game’s outcome. Understanding how they work is essential in winning the game. 

  • When 2 or more high cards have a similar value, the card’s suite determines the winner. The suite order is as follows: spade, heart, diamond and clubs
  • When 2 or more high cards have a similar value and belong to the same suite, it is a draw. All horses involved shall take a step forward
  • A joker signals the end of the horse’s race 

    12BET Casino Frankie's Fantastic 7 Interface

    The cards determine the horse’s step

Multiple betting

Multiple betting proves to be an effective strategy in this game. Place different wagers on horses with high and low payouts. One of them may not make it to the end. But the other horse, is guaranteed to finish the race. 

Hint: Mark of Esteem and Diffident are bankable horses. They always make it to the finish line

12BET Casino Frankie's Fantastic 7 Multiple Betting

Place multiple bets for more winning opportunities!

Pick your favorite horse today and make a strong finish! Your virtual race track is waiting for you!

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