Fortune Keno Reveals Exciting Rewards

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Simple, easy and exciting, Fortune Keno makes fortune hunting more convenient and enjoyable to players.

How does it work?

For this game, players choose up to 20 numbers. Should they wish to change a particular number, they simply need to click the number again. But if they want to change the entire selection, they can easily do so via clicking the “clear” button.

With all its seemingly magical aura, the enigmatic fortune teller will soon draw the lucky numbers.

The more number matches a player gets, the bigger is his or her win. Needless to say, it is the number matches, which determine the game’s payout.

12BET Casino Fortune Keno Winning Combination

Let that crystal ball determine your winning fate!

Why play Fortune Keno?

Fortune Keno stands out in terms of simplicity. Along with 12BET Casino’s great collection of video slots, this game is one of the easiest. A perfect choice for both green horns and veteran players.

Such characteristic leads to another advantage. Players win without exerting too much effort. There are no special strategies to perfect. Developing sophisticated techniques is set aside. One can grab big prizes by simply securing number matches.

Convenience is also emphasized in this game. Compared to a typical bingo session or lottery, members do not have to leave the comforts of their own house just to enjoy these games. The thrill and excitement are combined in one simple game.

Great fortune in 12BET Casino

Players of 12BET Casino are even luckier while they enjoy this game at Asia’s top casino site. Every week, an irresistible cashback increases their bankroll. 

Whether they got number matches or not, the cashback will be credited. Members simply need to claim it to enjoy more games and collect more prizes.

Never miss a great winning opportunity in Fortune Keno. Register at 12BET Casino and start winning instantly.

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