Final Score Shares Easy Money To Its Players

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If you cannot get enough of the Champion’s League or the Barclay Premiership, here is an online casino game that will let you experience the football fever, enjoy your favorite teams and get rewards in return. This exciting game is no other than 12BET Casino’s Final Score. 

What is Final Score?

An arcade game that is heavily inspired and influenced by football, Final Score gives you incredible prizes if you are able to predict the outcome of a certain match. 

There are three types of bet that you can make in Final Score, These are:

  • Match bet – you have to determine whether the winning team will come from the home or away side or shall end in a draw
  • Correct bet – for the correct bet, you need to predict if the match shall end in a particular scoreline
  • Special bet – you are placing a special bet if you think that a certain event shall take place in the match e.g. a penalty shot that is missed or scored, an injury and a red card
  • Total bet – a total bet is made if you are wagering on the scores made by the total teams 

The great bonus round

Final Score has a bonus round where you need to guess if the penalty shot will be missed or scored. This will immediately double all your winnings if you guessed it correctly. 

Get more with the results history

The game has a results history where you can review all the outcome of the previous matches made. On a closer look, you will understand that this is not just a simple gaming feature, You can capitalize on it. Study the outcome history and you will come up with great betting systems that will let you win more frequently. 

12BET Casino Final Score


Play Final Score at 12BET Casino

12BET Casino is a reputable online casino that offers this game. To play Final Score, you need to register and download our casino client, which is developed by no other than Playtech. If you want to start immediately, you can start playing via our instant play feature. 

Aside from that, there are other factors that you should look forward when playing with us. First, you can get a Welcome Package up to MYR 2,200. With this, you can play not only Final Score but also all your other favorite games and extend your playing time. You will also get a daily bonus up to MYR 200 everyday and on top of that, you will enjoy a 0.4% unlimited cashback that you can claim weekly. 


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