€115, 358 Mega Jackpot Just Got Bigger In Megaball

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A smoking hot progressive jackpot amounting to €115, 358 and continues to grow bigger, is sizzling at 12BET Casino’s Megaball.

Already huge, this jackpot just kept on getting bigger. Indeed, now is the best time to enjoy this game. Megaball explained

In summary, Megaball is comprised of 8 different games. From time to time, 6 balls are drawn and all you have to do is to predict the draw’s outcome. 

The Mega bets

You can place different bets for this game and each of them has their own payout.

Colors  - For this wager, you need to determine select the number of balls that will show a particular color. For example, you can bet on 4 red balls or 3 red balls 

Cocktail  - This is not your ordinary cocktail drink. But you will definitely get drunk with the large prizes at stake. You can choose between the cocktail or double cocktail. Selecting the former means, you are betting that at least a single red, blue, orange and yellow ball will appear. Meanwhile, if you select the double cocktail, you expect that at least 2 of those colored balls will show up. 

12BET Casino Megaball

Are you 12BET Casino’s next mega winner?


Sixth – Here, you only need to predict the value of the 6th ball. You can bet on a specific number or a specific color. 

Steps – Will it be higher or lower? Simply determine whether the next ball will have a lower or higher value—this what this bet is all about. 

Numbers  - This is one of the most profitable bets you can make. It is as simple as choosing 4 numbers, which you think will show up in the game. 

First & last  - This is a bit similar to the steps bet. However, for this wager, the results will be based on the first and last numbers. 

Total  - As the name suggests, you must determine the total value of all the balls drawn. 

Jackpot - This is the progressive jackpot. The winning combination you have to form is to get a 5-ball match. 

Other than the different bets you can place, what you will enjoy the most is that Megaball allows multiple betting! 

The more bets you place, the higher are your winning possibilities. 

Get ready to grab your mega jackpot now. Megaball is just a click away from you!

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