Diamond Valley Overflows With Big Bucks In 12BET Casino

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True to its name, Diamond Valley is filled with diamonds and other precious gems you can imagine. 

This 5-reel online slots features a progressive jackpot which gets bigger everytime the game is played. But it does not end there. 

This casino game online also includes a bonus game, which is yet another opportunity for you to increase your winnings in simple and very easy way. 

Spin and form a winnng combination. These are all you need to do and you can walk away with great prizes in your hands. 

12BET Casino Diamond Valley

The scatter symbol

In Diamond Valley, watch out for that red gem for it is the scatter symbol and it will bring you more fortune. 

The appearance of three (3) or more red gems will bring you the winning amount. It does not matter whether they appear on an active payline or not. 

As long as 3 of them show up, you win immediately. 

The line and total bet

To avoid confusion, always remember that the line and total bet are different. 

The line bet shows how much you wager on an active payline and this is not your overall or total bet. 

For example, an online slot with a 20 active paylines and a wagering denomination of €0.01 to €0.75. 

Say that you are starting out with a €0.20 line bet. Multiply this by the number of active paylines, 20 (€0.20 X 20) and you get a €4 overall or total bet. 

Getting started with Diamond Valley 

To play Diamond Valley in 12BET Casino, just download the casino client and login. 

If you prefer to play it directly into your browser, use the improved flash client. 

Another surprise

12BET Casino is bringing more funds into your account when you play Diamond Valley. Other than your winnings, there is also a daily bonus in store for you where you can bring home up to MYR 200! 

Aside from Diamond Valley, there are also other great online slots games that you can enjoy. 12BET Casino has the biggest variatoons of online and video slots. Take advantage of it today!


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