Card Counting Fails In This Blackjack Variant

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Blackjack scratch is the only variant of blackjack where card counting does not work. Players are spared from the grueling tasks of mastering such technique for they only need to make a simple scratch.

For this game, blackjack becomes as easy and convenient as playing slots. Blackjack enthusiasts, still, get the same casino thrill and adventure in a more relaxing and rewarding way.

12BET Casino Blackjack Scratch Win

Win without even knowing card-counting!

House rules

Although this is a scratch game, it retains the usual blackjack objective. Members need to get a card value of 21 or close to it—as simple as that. Typical options such as getting an insurance, splitting or doubling are not available in the game, paving way for a much simpler, yet, enjoyable blackjack experience. 

Distribute the cards!

In blackjack scratch, members receive three (3) pairs of cards. To reveal the face down cards, they need to click the “scratch” button. Punters also have the option to do it manually. The value of each hand is flashed across the screen.  Those who get a stronger hand than the dealer, win automatically. 

Should the player wish to change his cards, he can always use the “shuffle” option. Extreme caution must be observed when shuffling. Players can only use this thrice and before the game begins. 

Card shuffling is prohibited while the game is ongoing. 

Advantages to enjoy

Blackjack scratch delivers certain advantages, which make it tremendously appealing. Apparently, this is simple and easy to understand. This is most especially true for green horns who are into blackjack, but whose experience is still, on the verge of being honed. 

Another indispensable advantage of this game is its fast-paced nature. Members immediately see the results right after clicking a single button. 

Lastly, the minimum bets required are lower than traditional blackjack. Bets go a long way for this game. 

Simple, enjoyable and thrilling—these words best describe 12BET Casino’s blackjack scratch.

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