Capture The Jackpot Prize with Keno Camera!

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Keno is a lottery-inspired game originated from China. It rose to popularity after it was believed to have played a key role in the funding for the construction of the Great Wall of China. It has been established as one of the easiest and very entertaining online casino games, made even more attractive to customers for its pocket-fattening payouts.

Keno’s good reputation generated several versions of itself and one of these is the online casino arcade game Keno Camera.

01 Keno Camera

The Game

You have to predict the numbers that will be randomly picked from a pool of 80 numbers. In order to take home the big prize, 10 correct numbers must be obtained.

The game starts after you select 10 random numbers from 1 to 80. If you are unhappy with your picked numbers, you can always deselect them by clicking on them again or by pressing the ‘Clear’ button.

Once you are decided with your numbers, the game will draw 20 lucky numbers (these numbers will be highlighted) that will be shown on the roll film. Hope for your chosen 10 numbers to appear and you will hit the highest payout.

Don’t forget to know the payouts by heart:


The value of the payouts depends on the amount of picked numbers and number of correct matches.

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