Around €70,000 Of Progressive Jackpot Bubbles Up In 12BET Casino’s Jackpot Darts

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Jackpot Darts is a perfect choice of not only darts enthusiasts, but also players who loves to take advantage of progressive jackpots and multiple betting in online casinos.

12BET Casino Jackpot DartsThe interphase

This game is no different from the usual dart game that you play. It has a numbered board akin to that of a real dartboard.

Likewise, it is consist of several rings. Betting on a specific ring means that you are trying to predict the number of darts that will hit such field.

The single ring is the biggest field. Inside of it are the double and treble rings. You have the outer bull and of course, the most important target of all, the bullseye.

The bets

Listed below are the bets that you can place:

  • Singles, doubles and trebles – As mentioned, you need to determine the number of darts that will hit these fields when you wager on them.
  • Outer and inner bull – For this, you predict that at least a single dart will make it in these fields.
  • Lo/Mid/Hi – You bet that the total score of the 3 darts shall fall within a certain range
  • 1-20 Singles  -  You predict that at least a single dart will fall into any of the 1 to 20 sectors.

Progressive jackpot

Jackpot Darts boasts of a progressive jackpot. Currently, the money pool in 12BET Casino is pegged at more than €70,000.

Whether you convert it into your own currency or not, the said amount, is indeed a big one.
Target your bullseye carefully, you need to make those three (3) darts hit the target to get the jackpot.

Playing tips

Placing multiple bets is a sure way to win in this casino game online. Since you only have 3 darts, you are discouraged to place a 3-dart bet on a single ring.

You might miss the single ring, but you still have the chance of hitting the treble or double rings. You can even hit the bullseye. Yet, if your wager concentrates on one ring alone, you might lose it all.

Jackpot Dart’s money pool continues to grow at 12BET Casino. Play today and become one of our biggest winners.

Download the casino client here. For new players, take advantage of our great welcome package and set off your winning streak instantly.

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