12BET Casino Gives 12X Bigger Knockout Prizes To Malaysian Players

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12BET Casino prepares a knockout offer that will make you forget other online casino.

With the arcade game, Knockout, you get top of the line casino entertainment.  You do not need to visit Las Vegas to enjoy boxing and casino. Your cravings for full-packed gaming action are already here in 12BET Casino.

Knock them out!

This game is pretty easy for online casino champs like you. Simply choose your fighter and beat him out by throwing a punch in the right direction. 

Closely monitor your punches for your opponent will not be easy on you. 

Let the game begin

Two (2) fighters will immediately greet you as you enter the Knockout arena. Pick the fighter, which you think will help you win. 

Afterwards, you will see 5 directions where you can throw in your punches. Hitting the upper left and right corners gives you the highest payouts. 

12BET Casino Knockout Winning Combination

Get your knockout prizes in one click!

For these, you get winnings that are 12 x bigger than your original bet! 

Let us say, you wager MYR 10 and you bet either on the upper left or right directions, you will bring home a grand MYR 120. 

Now that is what we call winning without exerting too much effort! 

Added trophy

The best thing about playing this game is that you are already a winner even before you strike a punch. You win whether you hit or miss your opponent.

In 12BET Casino, you get an unlimited cashback for every arcade game you played. You get your cashback at the end of the week. 

But we are not yet done. 12BET Casino is set to give you another big blow. The cashback has the lowest turnover requirement compared to other no deposit required casino. 

For the cashback, the turnover requirement is 1. Say goodbye to the days where you have to address at least 10 to 15 wagering requirements before you can enjoy your cashback. 

Here in 12BET Casino, you only have to deal with it once. We make winning a lot easier for you! 

Are you ready to get punched with these surprises? If yes, login to your 12BET Casino account or register NOW!

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