When Online Wagering Becomes More Social

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Issues regarding age verification cropped out as online betting and wagering become available in social networking sites. 

Such dilemma came about when social media giant, Facebook, allowed its UK users to wager real money with their accounts. 

The world’s number 1 social networking site, however, assured that stringent measures are observed to provide a safe platform that solely and exclusively cater to adult users. 

Figure 1 Social Media Ppl 11 September 2012 from http://www.webseoanalytics.com/blog/7-tips-for-successful-social-media-campaigns/

The outcry

Despite of its assurance, groups cannot help but express their concerns over this matter. Given that it is very easy to provide fake information, many are wary on how this situation can be closely controlled and monitored. 

Age matters

Age is a crucial issue even before online wagering and social networking merged. This has something to do with the youngsters’ ability to handle their funds well and their vulnerability, which, if taken into a deeper context, leads to safety concerns. 

Indeed, the outcry has its own merits and recognition. It is justifiable, knowing that the said merger likewise opens an avalanche of opportunities for online casinos for this means a higher degree of accessibility and convenience for its members. 

Towards responsible gaming

To many, the marriage of social networking and online wagering presents a double-edged sword. 

For reputable online casinos, however, this is something that they have already successfully controlled and closely monitored. 

Long before the above-mentioned outcries have cropped out, online casinos have already performed the necessary actions to check and verify the information provided by their players. 

If necessary, members are asked to present evidence. Moreover, sanctions and penalties are implemented. These include bonus and prize cancellations and a permanent ban for all violators. 

There is constant monitoring and checking to discourage those who will find a way to circumvent these policies. 

Other than these precautionary routines, it should not be forgotten that reputable online casinos are regulated and monitored by government laws. Prohibiting young ones to participate are clearly stated in their licenses, which, if violated, will also lead to its cancellation. 

Competition and safety

At one hand, it is evident that the tough competition among online casinos also contributes to the aim of protecting minors. 

The very least that casino sites, most especially the trusted ones like 12BET Casino want to happen is license cancellation and of course, losing the credibility that they built among their members. 

Age-related matters and access definitely require vigilance. As for casino sites, evidently, these issues have long been addressed, tackled and acted upon.

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