Video Poker Or Live Poker? A Must Read For All Players

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Are you still confused between poker and video poker? 12BET Casino tells you the difference and help you enjoy the best of our promotions and free casino bonus.  You against the machine

In video poker, you are battling against a machine. Try looking at the practical side of the game. You are going against a software, which, by any means can never be superior than that of the human mind. If you carefully think about it, your winning chances when you play this  in 12BET Casino is high. 

12BET Casino Aces And Faces 25 Lines

It’s you against the machine!

No more bluffing

Bluffing is a way to mislead your opponent in live poker. Different poker tournaments have shown how bluffing has caused major upsets. 

At times, it can get too frustrating. Sometimes, you might even feel that it is unfair. Yet, you also cannot put the blame to others because you fell in the trap. 

Obviously, there is no bluffing in video poker. It depends on how you choose your cards. You pick the wrong cards, you lose. You pick the right one and you win instantly. But never will you have to go through feelings of guilt or being cheated just because a great bluff toppled your highly deserving strong hand. 

Your hand’s worth

The best thing about video poker is that you immediately know your hand’s worth. You know how much you will get when you made a winning combination. Thanks to the payout table, your most coveted prizes are already stated and you do not have to guess. 

12BET Casino Hands Worth Video Poker

Cheat sheets allowed

Bring cheat sheets in live poker and you will surely get kicked out of the competition. You use cheat sheets in online casino video poker and that is perfectly fine. 

Use as many cheat sheets as you want and you will not be penalized. Use all your recorded techniques, nobody will stop you from doing it. This is allowed in the first place. By all means, you have all the freedom to use all information sources or records that you can to win. 

The betting rounds

In video poker, you only have a single betting round. The game is played on a much faster pace. After choosing your cards and clicking the play button, you are already done. You can have more rounds. 

Unlimited playing time, unlimited cashback

Online casinos like 12BET Casino, never close. Play until you drop. At any rate, you are playing inside the comfort of your own house. This is not possible in live poker. 

As for the unlimited cashback, you get it only here in 12BET Casino. We want you to maximize the game and the rewards that we have for you. By the way, you can get the unlimited cashback on a weekly basis. If you have been playing any of our video poker games, you have something to look forward to this weekend!

Both poker and video poker are truly enjoyable games. But if your utmost concern is winning easily, there is no doubt that video poker is your only choice. 


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