The 3 Easy Ways To Be A VIP Player

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Most players aspire to acquire the VIP status in online casinos. This is not surprising for this entitles them to exclusive privileges. Yet, unlike promotions where everybody can join, there are certain criteria that players need to satisfy in order to qualify for the status upgrade. These are the following:


Show them the money

The most important factor that qualifies a player to VIP status is the amount of money that he or she brings into the online casino. The higher the amount, the higher is the possibility to acquire the VIP status. Think of it this way, customers who have high consumption power enjoy more perks and privileges because they add to the company’s income and revenue. The same principle also applies to casino sites. Thus, it is not surprising to see that most VIP players are high-rollers or casino whales. These are players known for their big bets.


Length of stay

Online casinos likewise consider the player’s length of stay. Members who are playing in online casinos for long periods of time may also acquire the VIP status. It is important to note that the idea of having VIP players is performed to retain their members.


With the stiff competition among different virtual casinos, they do everything to keep their players. For a loyal member—for the one who has been a resident player of an online casino, there is a strong possibility for them to acquire the VIP status base on the duration of their stay. Indeed, they may not place the biggest bets, but then again, given that they have been playing in an online casino for quite some time—this factor is enough for them to be considered for the VIP status.


Play frequency

Play frequency also matters when it comes to being a VIP player. Sometimes, it is not enough to simply place big bets. The gaming activity should be consistent. Anybody can place big bets, but if this is just one of those “one time, big time “scenarios, then it might take some time before such player acquires the VIP status.


Evidently, certain factors are considered before a member becomes a VIP. Nevertheless, for those who think that they have already met the above-mentioned criteria and want to know whether they are eligible for a status upgrade, they can verify via sending an inquiry to the online casino.


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