Spakz: Prizes as hot as Fire, Payouts as cool as Ice

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Spakz is a game that requires no strategy, expertise, or even experience. The highest possible prize that can be obtained from this game is 50 times the player’s initial bet. This online casino guessing game involves five basic betting options: Fire, Ice, Any Pair, Flush, and Perfect Pair. As it is all about guessing of which value or character will come out, the ease of playing this game is at the maximum. This is also ideal for newbies who are yet to get a good grip of online gaming.




Spakz does require a high-value card for players to win but the measure of the card’s weight also considers suit sequence. That is, Diamonds are ranked atop the list followed by Clubs, Hearts, and in the lowest stratum, Spades.

Fire – This bet is won if the value of the cards on the “Fire” corner is greater than that in the “Ice” corner. A winning hand pays 1 to 1. The payout will be shared if Fire wins on a value of six.

Ice – This is the opposite of “Fire,” where a winning “Ice” corner is required. This also pays 1 to 1.

Any Pair – If the Fire and Ice are of equal value, the result would be a random Pair. This pays 11 to 1. But in this particular case, the suit hierarchy does not hold bearing.

Flush – This pays 2.5 to 1 and can be won if the fire and ice hands belong to the same suit.

Perfect Pair– The highest paying bet, this involves hands that have similar value and belong to the same suit.


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