RNG Or Live? Which Online Casino Game Do You Prefer?

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Ever wonder about the difference between RNG and live games? 12BET Casino explains how these two differ and how they might affect your online gaming activities.

RNG games

RNG stands for random generated numbers. A casino game under this category is known for its characteristics below: 

First, you are playing against a machine. This is similar to the computer games that you used to enjoy when you were still a child and when online gaming platforms are not yet available. In simulated online casino games, however, you can place bets and of course, this makes gaming more exciting than your good old Super Mario Brothers.

Simulated games are also characterized by their well-crafted images and sounds. Thematic—this is the operative word which best describes these games. This is most especially true for video slot machines. 

Take a look at the classic  game, Rock N Roller. The rock and roll take-off is expressed via the use of music-related symbols like drums and guitar. Likewise, a famous Elvis Presley song is used as the game’s musical background. 

New players often favor RNG games. Somehow, it lessens the pressure to win or the worry that other player might criticize their moves and strategies. 


Scenes from the Gladiator movie are used to support the game’s theme.

Live games

It is not surprising why live casinos such as the one by 12BET Casino sell like hotcakes. These are the exact replica of land-based casinos and they use live streaming that will enable players to participate. 

12BET Casino Live Roulette Flash Client

In 12BET Casino, you can play live roulette directly in your browser

From the dealer to the equipment used, everything is real. The ongoing game also happens in real time and you can chat directly to other players. You can even talk t the dealer if you want to.

Since everything happens in real time in live casinos, the number of players coming continues to increase. 

Whether you are into RNG games or you prefer live games, you will get both of it here in 12BET Casino. The casino site is noted for its wide selection of video slots and pretty live dealers that supervise and facilitate the game. Play and win today!

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