Privacy Issues Resolved: Instant Play Goes Extreme

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When choosing an online casino, privacy is one of the very first things that players look at. Much to the surprise of many, this particular issue is also resolved and addressed by the instant play feature. But how?

The downside of downloading

It cannot be denied that there are players who wish to keep their gaming habits a secret—or not really a secret, but this aspect of their personality is something that they do not want to let other people know. Unfortunately, downloading leaves a trail. This would not be a problem if the computer or laptop is used by a single person only. But for computers with multiple users, this could be a problem. Newly installed programs are automatically shown. Moreover, some PCs ask for permission prior to installing a new program—something that duly prevents bettors from playing.

How instant play protects privacy

Instant play operates via web browsers. Thus, when in use, players can simply delete their browsing history. From this, they can eliminate all possible traces of their gaming activity. In a click, they can immediately log-in and play their most favorite games. Or they may also choose not to allow their browsers to remember their log-in details. Moreover, they no longer need to download. Perhaps the only time that they would be compelled to do so is when they do not have flash players in their systems.

However, this is not to say that downloadable casino software does not protect privacy. It does. The point is instant play is also capable of securing confidentiality despite of being dependent to web browsers. It can provide not only a similar interphase as with the gaming software, but also, with a high degree of protection from typical privacy concerns.

This is yet another face of the instant play feature that remains unnoticed since much of its outstanding contributions are categorized under comfort and convenience. What many do not understand is that even intricate needs, such as privacy are likewise addressed by this platform. This therefore makes instant play a certified instant hit!

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