How Online Casinos Keep the Earth Green

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Online casinos were mainly created to provide superior convenience for punters, but several “unintentional” byproducts were created after this platform was established—most of them largely benefiting the environment. Here are some of the many positive environmental contributions of online gaming:

Cleaner air. Because there is no need for players to get to a distant venue and burn fuel for transportation, they can significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. With hundreds of thousands of online casino members worldwide, carbon footprint spent on vehicles is cut to a substantial percentage.


 Lower energy consumption. A single laptop or desktop computer is enough to power up an entire online gaming session, which means that there is very little need for a large supply of energy to be used. By contrast, brick and mortar casinos spend lots of megawatts on neon lights, giant slot machines, lavish sound systems, elevators (for casinos found in tall buildings), and other equipment that require heavy electrical maintenance.

Less trees cut. Online casinos are 100 percent virtual, which means that they do not need paper cards, wooden tables, or an entire building in order for them to work. Shifting to online gaming can sufficiently reduce the number of trees cut to produce paper products (used to make cards, tickets, pamphlets, etc.) as well as prevent clearing of forested areas to give rise to a new casino facility.

Prevent crimes. This is more of a “human environment.” Land-based casinos are notorious for producing hot-tempered players (after losing a game), which in one point or another, could run amok inside the venue and cause discomfort to other punters. Sometimes, this leads to serious assault, injuries, and possibly, death.

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