MYR 770, 000 Won In 12BET Casino!

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Recently in 12BET Casino, xexixxrxsx, a lucky player from Malaysia hit a hefty $254,165 or MYR 770, 000 if converted, adding his name to the list of big winners in the casino site. The overnight mogul scored a huge prize in one of 12BET Casino’s progressive games.

Everybody’s Jackpot

It was Everybody’s Jackpot that brought the good fortune to xexixxrxsx. It can be remembered that this game was featured in this blog and true enough, it delivered a massive win to one of its avid players.

Like xexixxrxsx, you too, can have a great winning experience. Similar to what happened to our player, you  can have that life changing moment that will allow you to travel to places you have never been and fulfill that long awaited dream.

Thus, to help you jumpstart your winning streak, we will be sharing useful tips on how you can win big in progressive games.

All about progressive games

One of the key ingredients to winning is to understand how progressive games work. In here, you make progressive bets. A progressive bet pertains to the small percentage of your bet that goes to the pool prize. Each time the game is played, the money pot increases as players from other online casinos, provided that they use the same software, contribute to it.

Winning tips

So you want to be a millionaire? Here is the list of helpful reminders that will enable you to take advantage of progressive games.

Bet for the maximum  - Always in progressive games, the bigger the bet, the bigger the payout. Yet, this should be done with caution. See to it that you have a sufficient bankroll. If you have limited funds, join any promotions to get free cash. An example of a promotion that you can take advantage of is the 12BET Casino Olympics where you can get up to MYR 300, the daily bonus up to MYR 200 and the Welcome Package up to MYR 2,200 (if you are a new player). Also, there is the unlimited cashback that you can claim weekly!

Be consistent

Consistency is the operative word in this case. The thing about progressive jackpots is that it is that it can be won anytime. Be consistent. Just remember this, every round is a step closer to the jackpot.

Allot a portion of your winnings

Manage your bankroll efficiently. As you play, try to allot a portion of your winnings. If possible, do not consume all of them in one sitting.

Do not delay your easy way to a good life. Enjoy progressive games today and begin your winning journey in 12BET Casino NOW.

Note: The player’s username is not mentioned in detailed to protect the member’s privacy and security.

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