Know Thy Hands: A Winner’s Guide To Poker-Inspired Online Casino Games

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Poker Three, Casino Hold’Em, Caribbean Stud Poker etc—these are  some of the many popular poker-based games in 12BET Casino– and what is the best strategy to dominate this casino game online? This is no other than a thorough understanding of the poker hands’ hierarchy.

Royal flush

Royal flush is the strongest hand that you can ever. With this hand, indeed, you are off to a royal celebration. 

An Ace, a King, Queen, Jack and ten (10) under the same suit comprise this hand. They are called “royal” mainly because the cards that make it up are members of the royalty.

12BET Casino poker hand royal flush

Royal Flush

Straight flush

The straight flush is similar to the royal flush, except for the cards that constitute the hand. 

Simply put, any five (5) sequential cards under the same suit is a straight flush. 

12BET Casino poker hand straight flush

Straight Flush

Four of a kind

Four (4) identical cards belonging to different suits and yet another card forms this hand. 

The highest four of a kind that you can form is comprised of four Aces and of course, another card. 


Four Of A Kind

Full house

Next to four of a kind is full house. It is made up of three (3) identical cards of different suit and a pair. 


Full House


When you say flush, this means that you have five (5) cards under the same suit. They do not have to be sequential to form a flush. 

As long as they belong to the same suit, you form this hand. 

12BET Casino poker hands flush



If you get five (5) sequential cards that do not belong to the same suit, does this mean that you lose in the game? Of course not. 

The hand that you are holding is called a straight. 

12BET Casino poker hands straight


Three of a kind

As the term implies, three of a kind means that you have three (3) identical cards and two (2) spare cards. 

12BET Casino poker hands three of a kind

Three Of A Kind

Two pair

This does not require a genius to understand for this is very self-explanatory.

12BET Casino poker hands two pair

Two Pair

To know the hierarchy of these hands is a skill that should be mastered. This applies not only to poker but also to other poker-inspired casino game online

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