Instant Play: How It Started And Why You Should Use It

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No-download casinos like 12BET, are known for providing the so-called “instant play feature.” Supported by the flash application, it enables bettors to play even without downloading anything. Through the years, it became a major thrust for many online casinos. This is most especially true for 12BET which is both a download and web-based casino.

A glimpse into history

Flash’s introduction into the World Wide Web signaled a new kind of experience for internet users. From boring and static web pages that heavily depended on the marquee code, flash enabled users to create a more interactive and fun community in the internet. Animation and streaming became possible.

But of course, this development did not go unnoticed by online casino providers. They have also recognized the possible benefits that flash could bring into their players. The idea of allowing bettors to play without using a software, immediately struck online casinos. However, just when everything seems to fall into their proper places, the application has failed to deliver the expected results. 

12BET Instant Play


Early stage of instant play

Confronted by technological restrictions, early instant play platforms resulted to a series of game crashes. The web pages freezes constantly. The graphics and images were close to being unrecognizable. Likewise, compatibility with web browsers added to the problem, not to mention the security issues that come along with it.

Tech revolution and instant play 

Despite of the seemingly never-ending problems encountered by no-download casinos, it did not take too much time before technology took off. The problems that prevented players from having a one of a kind online gambling experience were soon resolved. A steadier and more efficient platform came into use. Browser compatibility is no longer an issue. Security settings became more reinforced. The best part of it is that players can now access their most favorite games anywhere. The tedious requirements needed when downloading a gaming software was cut down to two: a computer and an internet connection.


Nowadays, it is evident that instant play is no longer an option. It became the top choice of many players. Yet, it cannot be denied that casino software has add-ons or other functions that instant play platforms cannot surpass as of the moment. But, still, the glaring benefits that it provides cannot be taken for granted. This also explains why 12BET prefers to be a combination of a web and download-based online casino. This is to ensure that the two groups of players are readily accommodated and served.

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