How to harvest Ranch Money in ‘Cowboy Fever’

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Cowboys have traditionally dominated the Western culture. Especially in the past when ranches were the main business venues instead of skyscrapers, the animal herders were at their peak professionally and socially. In 12Ruby club’s online game called ‘Cowboy Fever,’ this aspect of the Old West is given a tribute.  The eight-line-nine-reel slot game is set against vintage visuals that seem to exude the feels of rescuing a hostage. In this game, players can increase their wager by up to a thousand times.

Cowboy Fever

The most valuable symbols in this game are the Cowboy, the Cowgirl, the Horse, and Bull. They provide multipliers of 1000X, 500X, 250X, and 100X, respectively. A few other symbols are provide sizable but smaller multipliers; these include the Beer barrel (80X), Rope (70X), Badge (50X), Cowboy hat (30X), and Horseshoe (20X).

Cowboy Feever follows is won by arriving with a specific pattern defined by the paylines: three horizontals, three verticals, and two diagonals. When three of these symbols (identical) appear on any active payline, players win the sum that is equal to their bet (coin size) multiplied by the multiplier attached to that specific symbol. For example, if three Cowboy symbols appear on an active payline and the player selected a coin size of $5, he or she wins $5,000!

This game also offers opportunities to beef up players’ wins They are offered with a special bonus round which is triggered when three “Pistol” symbols appear in any of the active paylines. It features three missions. The first one is a battle in the bank and can be won by shooting the bandits. The second one involves a chase and can be won by shooting the money bags. The last mission is set in a camp fight where the boss of the bandits must be toppled in order to succeed.


To get a glimpse (with pay) of the American frontier, play Cowboy Fever now at 12BET!

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