What Does House Edge and House Drop Mean?

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House edge and house drops are common terms you hear when you play casino games. The two are different and knowing how they work readily helps you in becoming a responsible gamer.

House edge
House edge refers to the percentage that both land-based and online casinos retain. In other words, this is the amount of cash that they keep.

House edge varies. It has no fixed percentage. It depends on the casino’s discretion or the type of game used. For example, some online and land-based casinos observe a 5% house edge, while others impose 10%.  Certain games such as slots have a 3% edge while blackjack has 5%.

To better explain this matter, assuming that you played in online casino, which has a 5% house edge, and you wagered $10, the casino keeps the 5 cents. The same principle applies to the edge present in every game.

House drop
A house drop refers to the estimated amount that you will most likely spend within a particular timeframe and this is where responsible gaming enters into the picture.

Being a responsible player
You need to have a fair estimate of how you are going to wager and the amount of time that you will spend in playing. Even if you are an expert playing in a casino that has a low house edge, the edge will slowly consume your bankroll and going bankrupt is a far-fetched sign of a responsible player.

When playing casino games, you must know your limits. You should know when to quit or stop. At any rate, these activities are meant for entertainment purpose only. You should be enjoying the game and not stress yourself out because of a depleting bankroll. Setting limits is the best strategy of bringing down the edge of both online and land-based casinos.

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